Last day at work – for now

29 Jun

Today was my last day in the office. I now have Thursday and Friday to pack before setting off to Israel. Hopefully I might just get a chance to watch more than 5 minutes of Wimbledon than I’ve manged so far!

Shopping – well after a lot of hassle involving taking something back to Tesco that didn’t work, I managed to get some factor 30 sun tan lotion to go with the factor 50, factor 25 and large bottle of after sun lotion. DON”T LAUGH, i’d rival a tomato for redness if I didn’t use the high factors. Hat -well I managed to get some baseball caps when there was a Reebok sale at the office a while back.

Still need a few things – more of the ‘if I don’t have I’ll need’ variety, so there will be a dash to Boots in the near future. Plus I made a promise to bring some Galaxy chocolate out for a friend. I promise not to eat it on the way!

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