Home at last

18 Jul

Although I thought I might not make it a few times….

Having done my shopping and packing, I decided on a quick shower (well quick for me!) and getting changed before trying to get three or four hours sleep. I really hope I didn’t wake Shelly – mind you I hardly noticed her getting back at half past one???

Anyway – my sherut (scheduled minibus service) to the airport arrived at 3am as booked, and I got to the airport, expecting check in to not even be open yet – my flight was 07:10, so it shouldn’t have opened until 04:10. But… There was already a queue, for the queue to go through the first security check before check in – so like a little lost sheep (baa!) I joined it, and waited 45 min to be told to go straight through to check in.

Check in desks 78-99 are dedicated to El-Al, and it was use any desk. However, 98 was for unaccompanied minors, and 99 for the disabled – of which there were none. So anyone with a brain might have started sending people through them – but no, it was one long queue. And of course the Israeli’s all had to yell at the poor girl behind the desk for 10 minutes before she could check them in, which in turn made everyone else even more stressed about missing flights – in fact some people did actually miss planes. I finally got checked in, through security and passport control and found the gate. Then I loooked at the sign. It read ‘The time now is 06:29. Boarding commences at 06:30’. Not even enough time to have a wee before getting on the plane! Although somehow – and I’m not really sure how I seemed to have ended up in premium economy. Probably because I didn’t moan at them at check in.

It was on time into Zurich and I was able to shop a little there, unlike in Israel – I was left with NIS 370 that I’d taken out to use in the Duty Free in Israel that is going to be changed back into Pounds later.

The Zurich flight took off on time – but just as things seemed to be going too well… Along come the stewardesses yelling ‘Medical Case!’ An elderly man two rows in front of me had passed out. The Cheif Steward legged it down from first class at the front of the plane and there was a bit of fuss, followed by the ‘Is there a Doctor on board’ announcement. There was, but unusually for the Swiss he didn’t speak much English – I had visions of us being diverted to Paris/Brussels (basically any place but Manchester), or turned around back to Zurich. Fortunately there was a Nurse on board who spoke bothe English and German who could interpret. The man was okay – turned out he’d just fainted.

There was a young couple sat immediately behind with a baby – who hated the attention and promptly began to yell. all in all, not a relaxing flight.

However, it was on time, and I was me by my parents. After that – well i did a quick dash to Tesco for supplies, and I was so tired that I picked up what I thought was a packet of tea cakes, only to get home and find it was actually baps!

Now – well my photos are sorted and I’m about ready to think about going to work again. It seems like a dream. But Israel did happen

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