07 Aug

So I saw this on the BBC website.  And it kind of intrigued me.  I can see points both ways of a 2 1/2 day weekend.  I mean if they changed things here so that was the case we’d all be jumping for joy right?

But… When there seem to be so many economic problems in Israel, just like in the rest of the world – and it doesn’t seem to be cheap there. I noticed that a small bottle of coke costs 8 shekels (£1.46) when the most I’ve paid here for the same size bottle has been £1.20 (okay that was in Piccadilly station and was never going to be cheap average price is around £1.10). And the whole thing about the cottage cheese protests – well if you look into it, it seems that what people are saying is that Israel is an expensive place to live, prices are rising and salaries are not rising alongside them.  Which leads into the tents in the streets because people can’t afford rents/mortgages.  And I know that is very simplified, and I’ve gone miles away from where I started.

All I can think of is that somehow it reminds me of the arguments against the Sunday Trading Laws here in the UK, because they will have to find people that are willing to work on Sundays still to cook and serve in restaurants, and go behind the tills in shops etc.  We’ll just have to wait and see  what happens.


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