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Just a brief note as can only use 3g on the kindle! Now waiting for boarding to open for the flight to Tel Aviv. I can see the plane out of the window,and just see the mountains, complete with snow in the distance.

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Can I mention now that I hate packing. Love the end result, but the whole business of getting the case down from the top of the wardrobe and then working out what to take, the red dress or a black skirt etc. drives me nuts. Sometimes I wish there was a packing fairy who would visit me, wave her magic wand and everything would just fit in there all folded neatly and that when it was time to go home again she’d appear and do her stuff again!

Enough of that – clothes and shoes are packed, just room for my washbag and the inevitable pharmacy that accompanies me on my travels, I’m a ‘if I don’t have it, I’ll need it’ person, hence the stash of painkillers, plasters, bite cream and all that – I even have a mini sewing kit!

Last things I have to do in the morning are pack my carry on bag, print out the e-tickets and travel insurance documents, then go out to get some shekels, at least in this part of the world, all the banks and the big post office have as a matter of course, although there is an independent place that will likely give me a better rate.

And after that – well I’d just like to watch the Nadal – Murray match

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Last day at work – for now

Today was my last day in the office. I now have Thursday and Friday to pack before setting off to Israel. Hopefully I might just get a chance to watch more than 5 minutes of Wimbledon than I’ve manged so far!

Shopping – well after a lot of hassle involving taking something back to Tesco that didn’t work, I managed to get some factor 30 sun tan lotion to go with the factor 50, factor 25 and large bottle of after sun lotion. DON”T LAUGH, i’d rival a tomato for redness if I didn’t use the high factors. Hat -well I managed to get some baseball caps when there was a Reebok sale at the office a while back.

Still need a few things – more of the ‘if I don’t have I’ll need’ variety, so there will be a dash to Boots in the near future. Plus I made a promise to bring some Galaxy chocolate out for a friend. I promise not to eat it on the way!

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Welcome to my journey

This site is going to document the trip I’m about to take.

Next Sunday I will be one of 42 participants in the . I feel incredibly lucky and priviledged to have been chosen to take part in this incredible opportunity. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I want to make the most of it.

So far, well flights are booked, most of the shopping for things I need is done (still need to buy some sun tan lotion , if I can get burned on the one hot day we have in the UK, what will happen with two weeks in Israel!)

Packing – well I booked a couple of extra days holiday from work to deal with that. Maybe I’ll manage more than my usuasly hectic throw everything into the suitcase and hope approach!

All that remains now is to get on the plane!

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