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Reality Bites

Or back to work with a bump. So far – well the chocoalte hastily bought in Zurich has been eaten, and I had people asking where I got it.

I think I also convinced a few people to consider having holidays in Israel after raving about the weather and the lack of this strange wet stuff coming down from the sky. Guess it is time to get used to highs of 17c – 19c being summer again. I’m sure it must have been twice as hot in Israel, and that I probably moaned it was too hot!

So the question is what now? It is a good question – I’m currently drafting a letter to the Rep Council here, and we’ll see what comes of it. I have a few ideas that I want to talk to them about, it’s a question of them wanting to listen and help.

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Last day at work – for now

Today was my last day in the office. I now have Thursday and Friday to pack before setting off to Israel. Hopefully I might just get a chance to watch more than 5 minutes of Wimbledon than I’ve manged so far!

Shopping – well after a lot of hassle involving taking something back to Tesco that didn’t work, I managed to get some factor 30 sun tan lotion to go with the factor 50, factor 25 and large bottle of after sun lotion. DON”T LAUGH, i’d rival a tomato for redness if I didn’t use the high factors. Hat -well I managed to get some baseball caps when there was a Reebok sale at the office a while back.

Still need a few things – more of the ‘if I don’t have I’ll need’ variety, so there will be a dash to Boots in the near future. Plus I made a promise to bring some Galaxy chocolate out for a friend. I promise not to eat it on the way!

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